Both in my day-to-day work as well as through friends and family, it is increasingly clear that there is a mental health crisis—particularly in our young people. It seems almost the norm now for adolescents to be anxious. I absolutely applaud Cameron for her mission to make wellbeing accessible for all. Cameron has the loveliest open and engaging style—she lives and breathes what it is to be authentic and content and I loved this introduction to thinking about health from a holistic perspective.
— feedback from Strong Heart Christchurch May 2019 gathering, Dr Michelle McCarthy, clinical psychologist

I came to see Cameron when I was under enormous pressure at work. My digestion was out of whack, I was stressed, emotional and exhausted. I’d been to Chinese Medicine practitioners before but nothing like this. I entered Cameron’s consultation room one woman and came out quite another. Cameron combines incredible knowledge of Chinese medicine with the most powerful intuition and a deep understanding of the pressures of life today. She also has compassion in spades. My sessions with her set me on course to a healthier, happier me and I haven’t looked back since.
— Claire, Melbourne 2012

Testimonial from Forest Rock Qigong Teacher Training July 2019.

Cameron shows us we all exist on a spectrum. It is one thing to know who we are and what we are capable of doing now, but another to awaken the potential of what we can become.This ability to help awaken one’s own potential is the true gift of a good teacher, and Cameron is one of the rare, real teachers
— Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Yoga teacher, TriYoga, London
I found the weekend spent with you and your wisdom was probably one of the most enlightening weekends that I have ever experienced. I bring your teachings into my everyday life and have developed a much deeper connection with my heart.
— Hilary, Yoga Teacher, Gold Coast, Australia
I loved the visuals in the Nourishing Roots session which showed clearly the distilled essence of the teachings. I particularly appreciated the importance of correct nourishment, especially as we get older and when under stress. I will definitely be incorporating these principals in my counselling practice.
— Alison - Hospice Counsellor - January 2019

The retreat “Opening Up” with Cameron Tukapua was a life changing experience. Cameron spiritual wisdom and connection with the forces of the universe guided me through the difficult path of truly forgiveness to reach the point of healing the heart. Such breakthrough allowed me to release the past, let go unworthy feelings and open sacred space to rebuild old relations through a totally new perspective. I wish you success and all the best.
— Andrea, Psychologist, Beijing, 2013
What amazes me about the acupuncture treatment with Cameron is that it isn’t just an effect in the moment or on the day. I can feel the effects days, weeks, months later, still shifting things physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. For the last 2 years or so, every few months I have two or three treatments with Cameron. I can most certainly feel the power of her treatments and the changes they bring to my life.
— Rachel, Practice Nurse, Melbourne, July 2015
As a professional facilitator and coach I have really appreciated the practical and energetic insights I have had while learning about the five elements of TCM with Cameron. It has helped me to see both myself and others through a new lens and from this I can generate tips for others to use in managing the energetics of groups. I believe Healing Conversations come from speaking the truth out and “the in your element” retreat provided me with a space to start to do that for myself and find the energy and courage to ask others to do the same. I know now this starts with recognising the power and shadow side of all five elements in themselves and which ones are particularly relevant for me.

Cameron has a relaxed style and easily built trust in our support group. She could relate her teaching to our personal experiences and I came away from the weekend with a renewed energy for linking five elements into my facilitation and healing conversations in my forestry and natural resource management work, as well as my business coaching. Although the concept of five elements may seem abstract Cameron uses direct experience in nature helping participants to re-discover for themselves the characteristics of the different natural elements and apply it to themselves and their own energetic personality. Going on the “In your element” retreat has helped me re-think my perceptions about nature, energetics and human behaviour and inspired me to take my facilitation and coaching work to a much deeper level. It also opened another layer of myself to critically reflect on my own element balance and how I interact with others.

Karen Edwards - “In Your Element” Retreat Participant - Bali - September 2019

Through the “Nourishing Roots - Power of Yin” retreat my personal and professional life changed in a very positive way.

As a doctor I had to do a lot of self reflection which is part of the curriculum of becoming a doctor in the Netherlands. Since we know that we can communicate and connect better with people/patients if we understand our own contribution to the interaction or conversation.

During the retreat the exploration of my true self felt so much more complete, since I reconnected with all the different aspects that make me who I am and what I truly believe. The simple, logic 7 steps approach and physically experiencing the range of comfort, strain by the yoga exercises, the brain/the heart/the spirit and the body reconnect and tell you who you truly are, and you get to understand this language.

Immediately after this retreat I could tell something had changed. I connected with my patients almost immediately. Where it sometimes took 10 minutes of digging and questioning before people showed me their true worries or fears, now almost within a split second people would open up and showed me their emotions. And I didn’t do a thing, it was all effortless. I figured that because I changed inside, my presence had changed, which was more inviting for my patients to show or share their vulnerability.

As I am writing it down it still moves me. I had chosen to become a doctor because I enjoyed working with people for who they are. Only after this retreat I have learnt that there is another more vulnerable layer in communicating with people, which makes you really connected to the true selves of people.

On top of that I have learned how to keep myself balanced and focussed, by nourishing my roots with daily exercise/relaxation/food/inspiration. I still experience how this positively works for me and I can also share the tools that I have learned with my patients. This is of great value because a very large number of patients experience stress related issues nowadays. With simple adjustments I have seen great changes with my patients.
As you might understand I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to do this life changing retreat with Cameron Tukapua.
— Dr Morijntje Schroder January 2018

Nourishing Roots weekend Nelson February 2019

Since I got the first acupuncture treatment from Cameron my life has changed and I have transformed completely. Across four years I have received 2-3 treatments every few months. The most fascinating thing about it, is that I had all of this potentials already in me, and Cameron’s treatment has helped me to get access to my inner self and who I am.
— Dr X, Beijing, 2013
The Nourishing Roots online course is inspiring, thought provoking and it’s been like getting a map I didn’t know I wanted. Its clear straight forward and helps you see how things are for you… so you can make adjustments along the way. What I like is it’s not someone telling what to do but it’s showing me How I can live in my own way to suit my real self.

Lately I’ve started taking some rest during the day and I can feel how thats changed me inside. I’m calmer and more relaxed with my kids I can actually be slow and present with them and they’ve changed too… it’s like they are also calmer!
— DA - mother aged 30
I have experienced major re-balancing effects with Cameron’s treatments in a way I haven’t experienced before with Acupuncture. It has felt a bit like magic. At the time I went for treatment I was exhausted from many months of earthquake trauma work, counseling clients. Experiencing balance after the treatments made me realize how out of synch I really was. I was amazed to feel refreshed and energized so fast. This was something I hadn’t experienced before.
— Valerie, Christchurch 2012

The Nourishing Roots course has transformed my life and empowered me to stand in my truth. My self-care is my priority and my joy and passion now bubble up from within my soul. Prior to engaging the 7-step ‘Roots’ programme I was just surviving from one day to the next feeling constantly overwhelmed and unhappy. My relationship had deteriorated and I was on the verge of a divorce. This survival mode had sent me into depths of disparity and I did not know how to help myself. Layers of past hurts and traumas were surfacing and I knew I needed help, but didn’t know how to articulate this. I also knew that the medication route was not an option for me as this would only be a temporary fix. I really wanted to get to the roots of my situation.The depths of the darkness was really difficult for me to accept as I was usually the positive person that made everyone laugh. That person was buried under a layer that many were quick to label ‘depression’.
Then I found the Nourishing Roots course and it delivered on every level. The confusion lifted, the deep-seated unhappiness dissolved and the fatigue had faded within weeks.
‘Roots’ is now my map for navigating my way with clarity and purpose, an anchor to feeling grounded. Living my life with a new found enthusiasm and a new language to express myself is so liberating and by sharing my experience I hope to reach others for it is in connection that we learn and heal.

Sancha near Beijing Opening up retreat 2013

Cameron plants the seed and teaches you how to nurture your own growth. Experiencing her teaching is life-changing—in a deep and long-lasting way that unfolds over time. Although it’s been many years since I’ve had the opportunity to learn directly from Cameron and the community of people she brings together, I’m still conscious of how insights I had then have manifested in my life since. I recommend this experience for anyone open and curious about what potential they have waiting to be realized, and anyone eager to deepen connections to others and to nature.
— Sean McClung feedback 2016 -attended first China retreat 2005

Cameron’s approach was completely new to me, and although I have been coached and trained by some of the worlds best, she offered a remarkable new perspective that immediately produced results for me. Cameron clearly has intuition, experience and a great deal of heart, in deep and equal measure. The space for listening that she opened in our sessions, and has delivered into my life and work, has been transformative and effective.
— Gavin Presman, Leadership Trainer, London 2013
What I loved about the NOURISHING ROOTS course was the abc with the diagrams and physical aspects. I heard messages in a way that I have not heard before and it made sense because it was in everyday language. I found it useful because of my background in counselling, working with others and my own journey. It was definitely helpful to be in a group and hear of others experiences, those who have experienced the approach and those who had not, who asked curious questions that I was not able to formulate.

I really learned more about our body physically, mentally and spiritually. I loved the integrity of Cameron in sharing some anecdotal stories that spoke to the authenticity of the work, the approach and its impact. This has left me feeling that I can tweak things and develop my wellbeing to vitality. I really loved the practices that Sam shared in the restorative postures of yoga and it was such a reminder in how important it is for body, mind and spirit to be in balance with do. When I shared with my husband the yoga poses, he could not believe that was yoga, hoping that he will try them as they are so good, truly restorative. The energy and sharing was just delightful. It was such an incredible package in such a short time. Thank you.

I have already recommended this course to friends and I would want this for all clients because I can see the potential to be free from this constant fatigue that people seem to experience along with low energy and overwhelm. I work with clients who have experienced anxiety, depression for such a long time that they have come to believe they are these diagnosis’s, when the problem is the problem, not them. They have often tried to look at ways of improving life and there are a number of ways and I feel that this approach has so much to offer that is missing in healing and wellbeing and ultimately is in the control of the clients. It is powerful and possible with small steps that can lead to incredible potential for living life with vitality. It is a journey and the effects are immediate. When I look at others who have experienced this approach, that inspires me, the evidence is right there in front of you.
— LG Counsellor- Whangarei - January 2019