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Cameron is my original family name which I claimed when my father passed away. This name connects me to my ancestors who farmed the land of Aotearoa - New Zealand. They were pioneers. Carrying this name reminds me to stay grounded, look for new possibilities, have FUN with life and keep things simple. Tukapua is my married Maori name and I am grateful to have this link to the indigenous people of this land.  Tu means to "to stand" Kapua is "the clouds".  Living between the worlds of nature and spirit has always felt natural to me. As I've evolved my life purpose has become clear. The offering I bring to the world is guidance on how to live a grounded spiritual life through education for well-being on all levels.

Professional History

Cameron Tukapua’s exploration into evolving our full potentials began in 1983, when a chance encounter at a gathering introduced her to a lifetime study of Chinese medicine. Alongside her studies she has been exploring meditation, cross cultural wisdom teachings, Yoga and light hearted living ! In 1999 she opened the NZ government registered Christchurch College of Holistic Healing in New Zealand - offering career training programs in Acupuncture. Since 2015 she has been shaping online learning opportunities with teaching group You Being You.

Assisting Shifting Gears - Old World to New

After 33 years of individual consults, leading retreats in China, Australia and New Zealand, delivering practitioner level training, Cameron’s focus is now reaching out to mainstream audiences, empowering everyday people to take charge of their health. She is also offering a limited number of places to Yoga teachers, special young people and leaders to mentor with her through retreat programs and online learning. The focus is freeing up our energy to reconnect with true nature and align with our destiny.

Drawing from a rich background of clinical acupuncture practice, committed Yoga practice and personal development training, Cameron Tukapua’s presentations are uniquely original. She invites her students to both understand and embrace their humanity while aspiring to a higher insight. Cameron brings a lightness of heart to her work, infusing her talks and seminars with humor, while ingeniously offering a razor-sharp perspective that encourages participants to recommit to their own personal vision
— Donna Farhi, Yoga teacher trainer and author of Bringing Yoga to Life : The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living

Well-being education is missing in mainstream education and we offer both face to face learning events and online courses through our web platform You Being You. Cameron and the You Being You group are pioneering different approaches to healing based on learning, connecting and sharing. Connection to ourselves and each other, learning from life’s challenges and sharing what helps us, empowers many. Our well-being programs are designed to reach out to grassroots communities and deliver the thinking upgrade required for this time. 

The generalised anxiety and depressions visible in the world today indicate many people are questioning. “Whats really going on here ?” ” I don’t understand?” Anxiety and a quest for meaning are closely related and fresh solutions to this collective health crisis are most needed. In our fast changing world often we don’t always know WHERE we are going anymore as things shift so quickly. A thinking upgrade is required we need to know more about How to Be Present, Flexible and Open to Outcome

Science can now evidence what the ancients have always known - we are all connected. Quantum science teaches us that we make life happen with our thoughts, emotions and responses to life. Life is interactive and yet few people know the rules of HOW TO LIVE with this awareness. Chinese medicine has a 2200 year old evidence based medical history of well being preventative health care. This ancient medicine has never separated the mind from the body. In this tradition we are taught to recognise our relationship to nature and how the body functions as a whole integrated system. These simple frameworks offer well-being principles which are easy to understand and immediately apply to your daily life.

“In today's world we are in a phase of major upheaval with highly visible tensions catalysing social transformation. Knowing our inter connectedness and seeing how to ride the waves of change, empowers us to play our part in transforming the world within us, and around us ! Many people would like to help and make meaningful contributions to this time of change. People often don’t know what to do. We have some clear and simple ideas of how to help ourselves and each other. Join us and help us help many!”

Opening Up Book

Opening Up is a story about how to create Heart based connections with ourselves and others. It explains how "life is energy" and offers everyday language for understanding how the natural world around us is mirrored by the functions and movements of energy within us. 

Opening Up encourages healing conversation about how to bring our true self forward in life. The story was originally inspired by the Christchurch earthquakes and the collective Heart opening that happened in response to that time. Many of us witnessed how people from all traditions instinctively respond from the Heart when life is threatened. What if we chose to live that way all the time ? Imagine if many of us were deeply connected to our original nature which is open, lighthearted and free ? What a different world.

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