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Cameron Tukapua

Each of us live in a world that is external and visible, and in an inner world which is mostly invisible. Connecting our inner and outer worlds is one of the main quests of the healing path. As we uncover more of hidden parts of ourselves and what's important to us, it supports us to bring our true Self forward in life. 

What is missing from mainstream education is the language of energy and how to connect the unseen worlds. Despite the fact a lot of our lives is lived on the inside of who we are ... for the most part we don't have language to connect with our hidden realms of thoughts and feelings. Language is what we use to communicate with ourselves and others. It is the conductor of our thoughts, words, conversations and stories. 

Learning to view ourselves as part of ONE interconnected energy system is supremely empowering. It help us to see our place in the universe and connect our inner and outer worlds. Knowing that life is constantly transforming, we can welcome our changes as the playground of energy. Opening up to this energy helps us to gather the many blessings life delivers. Being aware of life as energy helps us to recognise the everyday magic of life, which appears when we are open, curious and engaged.



Cameron Tukapua

Recently I discovered 2015 has been nominated as the international year of Light by UNESCO. It's a time for new technologies which help us see the light. Here in New Zealand, nature glorified the light with day after day of magnificent golden toned colours and perfect summer weather.  

As the year dawned,  for me - the presence of the divine and a sense of new beginnings was highly palpable. I felt like I was being carried by a huge wave of creative energy which downloaded one morning as basic guidelines for living life as energy. Across time that seed of creative fire has been gradually synthesised into documents, short videos and course descriptors. Recently this morphed into action plans, involving friends and colleagues who are contributing to what is designed as an online creation called YOU BEING YOU

What I've learned from this time is that when dreams are ready to land as reality, there are steps and stages involved. Patience may be required. For years I've dreamed of creating a map for the journey of spirit in action. YOU BEING YOU is the result - it is an offering which helps us respond to the call for living larger lives. NOW the time is ripe to fulfil that dream and  I sense there are many ready for this conversation. Learning to travel through life as co-creators of our destinies is something we don't learn at school and yet as science and the popular Mindfulness movement is evidencing  - Life is an interactive energy experience. The world will always be as we see it - change our worldview and we change our world ! Look for what's working in your life, learn to follow and increase your energy, and more of what your really want will come towards you.

See more detail on YBY - online courses page or visit



Cameron Tukapua

In this morning's meditation these were the words that came to me. In the wake of a big week of working consistently, intently focused on a long list of tasks this was a great message to hear. For me it's about remembering there is always a larger plan at work, opening ourselves to larger life possibilities requires some letting go to let Goddess into the frame. 

Release is a feeling I associate with letting go. It reminds me of how receiving the breath and then releasing the breath is part of the same cycle. Living inside our dynamic energy system is like being in a children's play ... there is a not knowing that comes with it ... surprises are welcomed. Opening to life as a mystery requires trust - letting go of control yielding to flow. 

"I'd love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding"  ~ John O'Donahue


Cameron Tukapua

One of the gifts of vulnerability is that it invites an opening into deeper levels of ourselves. We see, show and experience more of who we are when we are willing to be vulnerable. Like little babies we are all delicate, fragile souls at Heart and the world can feel harsh for all of us at different times. Experiencing our vulnerability is a path to compassion for others, ourselves and the world as one. Everybody with a big heart has had it broken and opened a few times... it's part of the process ! We all fall down, make mistakes get up and keep going. 

Over the past weekend I watched a wonderful film called I AM by Tom Shadyac. Tom shared his personal story (which form my perspective included) opening to deeper levels of life after a cycling accident, which left him with chronic concussion and associated depression. After months of reflecting he came to realise he wanted to ask some questions about what's wrong with the world and in the process he discovered what's right ! He interviewed wise men and women around the world to share their world views. 

It was heartening to hear this collective of great minds talk about how all living creatures are wired to cooperate and harmonise with others. It showed how acts of goodness lead to emotions which make us want to connect with others. It talked about how serving others leads to deep contentment. In the stories the Dalai Lama was quoted as expressing the importance of discerning what your world is and figuring out where your talents lie. He said observe what makes your heart sing and then do more of that in your life. The Heart Math institute people were interviewed and this link which I love to share explains the science of how and why the Heart connection is key.




Cameron Tukapua

Last week my voice gradually disappeared over a couple of days. Interestingly at the same time I was being connected to cluster of a medical professionals who all work with complementary medicine. I felt comfortably embraced by these people and healed by the quiet acceptance that comes with the allowing of vulnerability.

Accepting and allowing all of our deeply fragile human nature opens our Hearts in ways beyond measure. In the deep Heart space of our true nature we are Ok with our imperfections and perceived weaknesses. When we let go into the greatness of our souls we can grow beyond these contracted states to reveal our pure, free and true nature. Feeling less than perfect, a bit separate and different from others are states many of us visit. The trick is to try not to stay there too long, to come back out into life and play it as a game. 

Vulnerability is a more and more talked about subject in mainstream media and music programs like American Idol. People are actually requesting that others show their vulnerability as a path to connection and sharing of their deeper self. The ultimate connection we are all seeking is to touch Hearts - for this is where our love dwells. When we are touched in the Heart we are moved to act , to stand up, to cry, to speak to acknowledge, to feel at levels beyond the skin. In the Heart space we know we all feel wounded at times, we also know we each belong, and that each of us is special and unique.

Befriending our vulnerability is a special gift to ourselves and others. It makes room for the EVERYTHING nature of life which asks us to experience the whole spectrum. To all the sensitives in the world I salute your courage and bravery - I invite you to see that when the mainstream is encouraging real feelings as natural we are in the shift of paradigm from the unreal to the real ! Popular society is ready for the seeding of language and frameworks which helps people identify with the oneness of life. These shared understandings can help us embrace deeper connections with ourselves and others to reawaken the joy and purity of being that exists in the Heart of us all.