This video offers simple language for the head - Heart connection. It introduces the Heart as the ruler of awareness and the head as the everyday thinking mind. It shows how our inner and outer worlds are connected, and the importance of Aligning the head and Heart.

Apart from the really bad hair and tired look after sleepless nights from noisy night planes in London...the content is quite good ! If you like it please share with your friends, it may help someone. Thanks.

The Power of Yin is the hidden power of Being in its purest sense. Engaging Yin is about tapping in to the receptive current of life in flow, in contrast to the masculine expression of dynamic extension.

Imagine a world where everyone lived connected to the felt sense of source energy. When we are supported by a steady centre we feel empowered, juiced up, and rooted down.

Join us on this journey of reconnecting to the origin of your source energy. Refill your reservoirs, relax and restore your deepest sense of Self.

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