BACKGROUND: Cameron Tukapua - program designer and Chinese Medicine Practitioner brings her lifetime study, practice and teaching of Chinese medicine, Wellbeing, Yoga, and cross-cultural wisdom teachings to this training.

  • Yoga - often the start of an individuals wellbeing journey

  • Evolving role of Yoga teacher - wellbeing guide

  • Meridian Yoga - prescriptions for lifelong wellbeing

  • Body centred healing - needed for our fast changing world

  • Thinking upgrade - to understand the shift in energies

  • Anchoring the mind in the feeling sensations of the body

  • MY offers clear structured steps, simple wisdom, practical pathways to nourish wellbeing and activate inborn potentials

“Cameron shows us we all exist on a spectrum. It is one thing to know who we are and what we are capable of doing now, but another to awaken the potential of what we can become. This ability to help awaken one’s own potential is the true gift of a good teacher, and Cameron is one of the rare, real teachers.”

Mimi Kuo - Deemer author of “Qigong and the Tai Chi axis - Nourishing Practices for Body, Mind and Spirit” and “Xiu Yang - Self Cultivation for a Happier, Healthier and Balanced Life”


Meridian Yoga is all about Connection:

  • Yoga in essence is a practice of connection.

  • In Chinese medicine the meridians connect our non-physical worlds of energy and spirit, to the physical world of the body and earth.

  • In the indigenous American worldview each of us is seen to be the carrier of “original medicine” ie we are each unique

  • Meridians are the ‘energetic carriers of our unique life force’

  • Nourishing the free-flow of life force awakens natural states of ease and flow, which nurtures genuine connections to ourselves and others.

  • Using Yoga and Qigong we strengthen our body-mind connections to balance according to constitutional needs.

  • Meridian Yoga offers maps for engaging inborn potentials and ways to live a grounded spiritual life in the world of the 2020’s

MERIDIAN YOGA - Wellbeing for All Levels

  • Unlock the blocks

  • Experience the wisdom

  • Flow in the Practices

Introducing foundation studies in traditional Chinese medicine and the medical applications of simple movement sequences. Theories are embodied in the inward focussed practices of Tibetan Yoga, Qigong, Mindfulness and Restorative Yoga.

STRUCTURE AND DELIVERY: The program is delivered as 4 separate courses of 50 hours each, delivered across seven days.


1. ENERGY BODY ESSENTIALS: Meridian functions and practices to free blocks, invigorate circulation, and strengthen body-mind harmony. 2020 dates: March 1 - 7, St Columba, Botany, Auckland , OR March 29 - April 5, The Haven, Addington, Christchurch

2. NOURISHING ROOTS: Seven step exploration, healing the body through rest and alignment with our unique constitution. 2020 dates: September 13 - 19, St Columba, Botany, Auckland OR October 18 - 24, The Haven, Addington, Christchurch

3. ALIGNING HEAD AND HEART: Enquiry into the Heart-mind-soul relationship. Practical guidance on creating heart-head agreement. 2021 Dates TBC : Auckland early March, Christchurch late March

4. IN YOUR ELEMENT: Exploring character types of the five ways of nature. Self identity frameworks for embodying true nature.

2021 Dates TBC. Whangarei Heads early November, Mt Hutt late November. This course will be held as a 7 day retreat with additional fees for accommodation and meals. For details: email cameron

  • Each course is separate and progression through the training can be different for different learners.

  • Learning style includes Interactive sharing, modelling how to access and share our deep instinctive wisdom.

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INTENTION: To engage life as energy beings, find easeful ways to free-flow with the ongoing changes of life, and live more aligned with our full power and vitality.

AIMS: To provide structured learning pathways which we can use for ourselves and others to nurture wellbeing for all levels. To explore the magical potency of activating the meridian systems, to awaken our inner power to connect and align our inner and outer worlds.

ENTRY CRITERIA Open to those with existing Yoga teacher experience, Health Care Practitioners, Counsellors and/or others with equivalent leadership, teaching qualifications and/or life experience/aptitude. Applicants likely to flourish in this training would be: flexible, committed, grounded, stable, mature minded and open.

VALUE: Tuition fees for each 7 day module is $900 + GST = $1035

For applications email: email cameron



Facilitators: Cameron Tukapua, Brian Berneman

Intention: To provide a clear lens using Traditional Chinese Medical meridian frameworks to explore how the energy body is formed, nourished and harmonised through everyday life practices. To introduce a range of meridian movement and mindfulness practices for establishing lifelong well-being for the body-mind.

THE ENERGY BODY In this course we focus on the Chinese medical views of the meridian systems, organ functions and correspondences of the physical and spiritual functions of our whole being. Students will learn the foundations of Chinese medical theory, combined with movement practices to help these understandings come alive in the body. We introduce the basics of pulse talking, meridian massage and palpation. This course is highly valuable for health care professionals, Yoga and physical therapists.

Learners will explore how to deconstruct long term blocks through looking at how these uploads of disturbed energy occur, which levels are affected, and how to clear and free-flow the meridians. In this course we look closely at the role of the Liver and the free flow functions to support healthy blood and energy flow, womens menstrual health, emotional expression and general flexibility. Practices will focus on Tibetan Yoga, Qigong and body centred meditation.

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Co-Facilitator: Brian Berneman TIbetan Yoga and Meditation. Brian lived and studied at the Ratna Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre in California and was trained by Tarthang Tulku’s senior teachers.

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 Tibetan Yoga

Tibetan Yoga comes from a fusion of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan medical systems, it has been modernised by Tibetan Lama - Tarthang Tulku - a contemporary of the Dalia Lama who also left Tibet in 1959 and moved to California where he established a number of Tibetan Buddhist centres including Odiyan and Ratna Ling. Based on Tibetan teachings for living in harmony with physical and universal laws, this practice develops our ability to heal and energize our entire being. It teaches us what it means to just be. The practice includes stillness, movement, postures, breathing exercises, self-massage and visualization.

As a practice to teach and share this is suitable for anyone interested in developing balance and well-being in their lives. Tibetan Yoga is a gentle healing system, which helps relieves stress, transforms negative patterns, and helps us to be balanced and healthy. It increases our enjoyment and appreciation of life and heals both our bodies and minds, bringing their energies together to function smoothly and harmoniously. 



Facilitator: Cameron Tukapua

Intention: To provide simple language and practices for harmonising the Heart mind connections


In both Chinese medicine and Yogic philosophies it is recognised that the Heart rules the mind. Cross-culturally people around the world reference this understanding with common phrases such “the heart knows best”, “follow your heart”, ” listen to your heart”, “what does your heart say ?” Instinctively we know the heart rules and yet most of us don’t have the language for communicating with our hearts which is ultimately the Supreme Ruler of our lives.

This missing education could be one of the reasons that in todays world millions of people around the world suffer from mental health problems. Most people don’t have the language to understand or articulate their internal mental-emotional distress. Drugs prescribed and recreational, are widely used to manage and mask symptoms of mental distress. Interestingly ancient wisdom teachings and medical science findings agree that the intelligence of the heart is all the time communicating with us. The language of the heart is universal and using simple reference points, it is something we can learn to see and feel.

Aligning head and Heart uses Chinese medical theories and Yogic philosophies to introduce a baseline for mental wellbeing education. It is supported by Qigong, mindfulness and meditation practices for establishing whole being balance. 

The electro magnetic field of the heart is 60 X stronger than the brain. Heart Math Institute.

The electro magnetic field of the heart is 60 X stronger than the brain. Heart Math Institute.

AHH Foundations

In this course we explore how the heart accesses universal awareness and how to attune to the subtle signalling and deep wisdom of the Hearts knowing. We will unpack the logical mind - the ‘head’ functions using the basics of TCM, Yogic philosophies and neuroscience. From this foundation we introduce practical ways to encourage agreement between these two parts - the head and Heart, of our central intelligence. 


  • Keys for connecting to a life of purpose of meaning by listening to the five spirits.

  • The roles of the four officials of the Heart and how they maintain the overall control and order of our being.

  • What happens when the Heart is out of control, and how to identify and moderate Heart-mind imbalances.


The movement practices which accompany this course have a physical focus of opening the chest, arms and upper body meridians, while grounding and stabilising the energy of the lower body. In clinical practice we regularly see people with restricted movements of the shoulders, arms and upper spine. It is recognised that blocks in the upper body can  originate from longterm emotional stress. Learning how to gradually unlock and open the flows of the upper body can help resolve and clear longterm imbalances of the Heart-mind relationship.

The practical focus of Aligning head and Heart includes: Meditation and mindfulness practices and Qigong. Each day we include practice of a series of simple movement sequences which can help;

  • Reduce anxiety, improve sleep, settle and calm the mind,

  • Settle the sympathetic nervous system, reset the parasympathetic system and enhance present time living and concentration.

  • Unglue stuck emotional-mental patterning, free-flow the blocked pathways, and restore the natural balance of heart and mind functions. 

“Both in my day-to-day work as well as through friends and family, it is increasingly clear that there is a mental health crisis—particularly in our young people. It seems almost the norm now for adolescents to be anxious. I absolutely applaud Cameron for her mission to make wellbeing accessible for all. Cameron has the loveliest open and engaging style—she lives and breathes what it is to be authentic and content and I loved this introduction to thinking about health from a holistic perspective”

Feedback from Heart Wellbeing Gathering - Christchurch May 2019 Dr Michelle McCarthy - Clinical Psychologist

The Teacher Training program includes language and frameworks we can use in everyday conversations, classes and studios, to provide practical support for people struggling with mental health issues.

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Facilitators: Cameron Tukapua, Tiana Edney and/or Lou Warren

Intention - To provide a seven step pathway to self care with restorative Yoga and Qigong practices as prescriptions for lifelong wellbeing. To give language to Yin as a hidden contracted power and the key to our stability, longevity, strength and endurance.

BACKGROUND The Nourishing Roots creation began life as a talk titled “The Power of Yin” for a group of 70 New Zealand women at a gathering called “Braided Women” Now three years on the Nourishing Roots - Power of Yin course is proving to be an effective 7 step prescription, reference and guide for lifelong wellbeing.


The Power of Yin is an exploration of feminine power as it expresses through our inner life and energy.

  • Like the subtle pull of the moon Yin energy is receptive, magnetic and potent in being, in contrast, Yang like the sun is an active, doing, outgoing masculine energy.

  • These Yin oriented teachings offer us language for what we feel and sense inside, combining wisdom teachings, guided reflection and Restorative Yoga practices as a pathway home to true nature.

  • Using 7 steps and simple reference points, we explore where we come from, and how to engage our natural strengths to harness, express and channel our power as partners of the universe.

When we understand our roots we can consciously draw on our inherited strengths and choose to evolve the weaknesses.

When we understand our roots we can consciously draw on our inherited strengths and choose to evolve the weaknesses.

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Nourishing Roots has been designed and structured as a seven step pathway to share. It cultivates lifelong wellbeing by nourishing Yin. Particular emphasis is supporting the Kidney function of preserving energy and managing the supply of our baseline power.

ONLINE COURSE The course is also online providing a study resource with videos which reference the key points of each of step. Each step has downloadable PDFs with accompanying restorative Yoga practices. Teachers who wish to share these steps can deepen their learning using the permanent reference of the online course study

Restorative Yoga In restorative Yoga we position the body in stillness to rest deeply. Each body position opens different meridians and activates blood and energy flows to specific parts of the body. Opening the meridians while we rest and concentrate on breathing, activates circulatory flows to direct the blood and energy to the inside of the body. Deepening our breathing vitalises Qi production and simultaneously increases the expulsion of toxins. Gathering and releasing energy is the primary function of the Lung which rules energy production. Healthy lung function empowers us to live present time forward, free of the past and old energy.

Image supplied and reprinted with permission,   Pathways to a Centered Body     by Donna Farhi and Leila Stuart.

Image supplied and reprinted with permission, Pathways to a Centered Body by Donna Farhi and Leila Stuart.

At rest, the blood, which is no longer required for moisturising muscles, tendons and ligaments, returns to the deep meridian flows and the internal organs. Sleep refreshes us partly because the blood returns to the inside of the body, refreshing the liver and other internal organs. Practicing restorative Yoga is like having a mini-sleep.

Feldenkrais: These movement practices support the body to recognise its habitual ways of holding and contracting. Feldenkrais awareness teachings can help us let go of old habits and patterns of tension, by opening to new possibilities. We learn to activate sensory awareness of body sensation in stillness and movement, and explore spatial awareness in relationship to natural balance.

Feldenkrais facilitator: Tiana Edney Tiana qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 1995 developing her skills alongside her Physiotherapy practice. TIana has worked with a wide range of clients and students and has special expertise of working with musculoskeletal injuries, brain injuries, visual and breathing dysfunctions.

Tiana uses Feldenkrais as a part of her everyday life, using her in depth awareness to make subtle adjustments to everyday movements enhancing comfort, wellbeing and health. Tiana supports students to sense and read the deeper levels of felt sensation, by listening to the wisdom of the mind/body in stillness and movement. Tianas teachings are simple, clear and powerfully effective at changing stuck patterns.



Facilitators: Cameron Tukapua, Lou Warren

Intention: To introduce the elements as natures expressions of universal energy. To explore the archetypes of the elements and their ways of expressing in our human characters

BACKGROUND: In 2005 Cameron began leading retreats in rural China hosted by Mimi Kuo-Deemer and Robyn Wexler of Yoga Yard, a Beijing based Yoga studio. We would take a busload of Yogis into the mountains and take time to BE in the elements. Across a few days we would explore their potency through observation, discussion, Qigong and Yoga practices. Watching how people transformed through this retreat process has been extra-ordinary !

Through the five elements we can clearly identify natures incredibly beautiful and harmonious ways of expressing our shared animating force of life. Comparing these ways of being to human nature we discover a nature based self-identity framework useful for all ages.

As science and spirituality now agree the same life principle is manifest in all living things, and yet expresses the life force in unique energetic ways. The five elements and their areas of influence are; Wood - the flora and everything that grows, Fire - the sun, warmth and light, Earth - the landscape and food growing fields, Metal - the mountains, crystals and rocks  Water - rivers, oceans and tributaries. Observing the five elements of nature help us connect to the universal expressions of human nature.


The Five Archetypes In this course we introduce the Five archetypes as a way of connecting to the gifts, strengths and challenges of our ‘home element’ Getting to know ourselves using this nature based model of connection and relationship to the whole, can be profoundly empowering. Facilitators Cameron and Lou are passionate about empowering people to become their own best healers.

Co-Facilitator: Lou Warren - Chiropractor, Yoga, Nature attuner

 Lou Warren Lou is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, yoga teacher and therapist with 30 years’ experience practising integrative medicine. An experienced teacher, she has a passion for making the complex, subtle and inter-related arts of healing from East and West both accessible and practically useful in the often challenging reality of day-to-day life.

Her work acknowledges that each of us walks a deeply personal wellbeing journey and she is passionate about supporting her clients and students to listen to their own inner guidance, acknowledging both the profound wisdom of the body and the importance of our connection with the natural world.


The practices are Five Element Qigong exercises used to nourish the associated organs and offer a balancing sequence for everyday vitality and long-life maintenance. Each of the five elements has corresponding organs and meridians. In the practices we activate the associated meridian flows and learn ways to both stimulate and settle the energy supply.

This course also includes guided reflection and interactive sharing. As a group we explore how to access and engage the element of others to encourage genuine connection to ourselves and others
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