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the heart of life

We live in an interactive always changing universe. As humans we are the meeting place of invisible spirit and physical form. The dynamic tension of these opposites creates ongoing transformation through Life's changing phases of birth, growth, flowering, decline and death. External things come and go, shift and change and life is a balancing act. 

Bringing our visible - external, and invisible - internal worlds together is supported by staying in touch with the instinctive wisdom of our own Heart. In indigenous traditions the Heart is known as the bridge between the worlds. When are our Hearts are clear the light of awareness which resides in the Heart, shines like sunlight helping us to see. Heart centred living opens us up to more loving, genuine relationships with ourselves and others. It helps us connect to what is important and and can lead us to a life of purpose and meaning. 

Even after all this time,
the sun never says to the Earth
You owe me

Look what happens with a love like that
It lights up the whole world

— Hafiz

Five Elements

Through nature we have direct access to the animating force of life. The same life principle is manifest in all living things; Wood - the flora and everything that grows, Fire - the sun, warmth and light, Earth - the landscape and food growing, Metal - the mountains, crystals, rocks  Water - rivers, oceans and tributaries.

Wood represents direction and growth

Fire represents enthusiasm and passion

Earth represents nourishment and stability

Metal represents structure and order

Water represents power and wisdom

Each of has all the elements within our being yet one may be considered to be our most natural way of interfacing with the world. Which one are you ?

The ways that the five elements express in nature are mirrored in our human nature, traits and behaviour. Each of the five ways express unique characteristics which are all manifestations of the same life energy. Exploring these simple archetypal characters gives us easy access to the universal ways in which people think, act and feel.They help reveal the natural strengths and challenges which affect us all.