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Opening to New Life Retreat

Heal in Community

Join Cameron and friends at the beautiful Whangarei Heads camp, located in the bay at the bottom of this image.

For 6 days we will immerse ourselves in a daily schedule designed to reconnect you to your sparkling sense of Self and rebalance your whole being.

Enquiries and bookings please email Sue Tucker

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Freeing ourselves of the demands and distractions of our everyday lives supports the experience of a deep “let go” for all levels. Releasing tension from the body-mind creates space to drop into BEING. Taking time to BE and surrender the busy, busy mode of always thinking and doing, allows us to return to our more natural state of ease. Using Yoga Nidra practice we unwind embodied! tension to begin reconnecting with our true nature.


Taking time for reflection is an age-old tradition used to take a deep look at what is happening in our lives. It supports us to see where we have been and how we are tracking. A retreat can help us to review what past experience has taught us, and guide us to make healthy decisions for future direction. Using a process of guided reflection and journaling we access and make visible our instinctive wisdom.


The Whangarei Heads and Mount Manaia provide a mirror of the powerful revitalising quality of nature, which also exists in our human nature. Bringing ourselves fully into present time awareness helps us to re-engage our true power. Mountains represent strength, presence and communication with the highest. Opening up to these qualities supports us to reclaim our inner magnificence.


A time of retreat gives us a chance to refocus. Mentally and emotionally it gives us space to redefine what is most important in our lives. Spiritually it helps us go beyond our everyday sense of who we are and touch deeper realms of knowing and seeing. A retreat helps us connect with our true Self and higher life possibility, direction and purpose. After a retreat it is natural to feel a sense of rebirth as you have literally given yourself the opportunity to create and design a new outlook on life.

I started at the retreat as a wife, a mom, a family doctor and as the retreat unfolded, I shed those roles and just found myself and to be connected to myself was the most powerful gift I could have been given
— Marie Shieh- past retreater

YOUR DAY 7am - 9pm

Meridian stretching and Qigong  7-8am

The meridians are the energy circulatory pathways described in traditional Chinese medicine. Each internal organ system is fed by the pathways which flow like rivers, around the body. These energy systems connect the inside organs with the bodies tissues; including the muscles, tendons and ligaments. We practice specific stretches which open up these circulatory flows to strengthen and vitalise the energy of the whole body. Using Qigong exercises we cultivate and strengthen the Qi-energy. You take away simple practices for supporting your ongoing healing.

Teachings/Guided contemplation 9.30-12.30pm

Each morning we explore teachings which help you reflect on your life journey as a whole; where you have been, what’s the call of your deep knowing Heart, what are you currently learning about, and where to go next. You will learn the practice of contemplation as a pathway to access your deep knowing Self. Learning to recognise the whisperings of your Heart will help you discover how your best teacher lives inside you. Using small group sharing and reflective journaling we explore the important areas of your life including: health, relationships, work, wealth and future aspirations to reveal what is calling for change and renewal. Some of these sessions may. include time adventuring outdoors

Afternoon free time

Afternoon time in the magnificent outdoor surrounds provides the space and time for your individual enquiry.

Yoga Nidra  4.30-6pm

Yoga Nidra is often used as a guided relaxation practice. It brings the mind and body together by systematic rotation of attention through body parts. Each session typically lasts 35-40 minutes and has been shown to bring immediate physical benefits, such as reduced stress levels . It helps to release physically embodied tension and lower anxiety levels by refocusing and redirecting mental attention. It can support practitioners to embrace life and all its manifestations, as different sensations of energy which we can experience as wide ranging emotions, thought patterns and beliefs. Yoga Nidra can help reconnect us to awareness itself, which is neutral, objective,impartial and always available to unconditional acceptance of all life brings.”In Yoga Nidra we restore our body senses and mind to their natural function and awaken a seventh sense that allows us to feel no separation, that only sees wholeness, tranquility and well-being” - Richard Miller founder of iRest-Yoga Nidra

Evening talking Circle 7.30-9pm

A talking circle is a commonly used practice of indigenous people. It is a time allowed for giving give voice to the wisdom of the group. Unlike conversation, in a talking circle people only speak when they feel they have something important to say. A stone is placed in the centre of the circle. As each person feels it is their time to speak they pick up the stone which signals to the others it is their turn to speak. As the speaker, they now have the attention of the rest of the group and no-one else can speak while they have the stone. The talking circle is a space where we are purely listened to without expectation of response. It helps us to integrate insights and explore the wisdom of the group mind. No-one is required to speak, this is entirely optional.

“I think most of the retreaters found the sharing to be the most powerful part of the retreat. It was like staring into a communal mirror in which all the offerings from all the people in some way made us all more whole. I found the talking circle to be particularly potent, I recommend this as a really interesting experience.” Rachel, Beijing retreater, 2009


Facilitator: Cameron Tukapua

Cameron has been leading regular retreats in New Zealand, Australia and China for over a decade. Cameron’s understanding of the depths of human nature comes from over two decades experience as a Healer, stepmother, grandmother, meditator, Yogi, teacher and spiritual seeker. She has guided hundreds of people in professional roles as Chinese medicine practitioner, College Principal, clinical director & professional development trainer. Leading retreats is a real passion for me - it provides a vehicle to share what I know about healing and transformation and facilitate healing within the group setting. Every year I witness powerful shifts in my own and others lives, as a result of taking the retreats.

"A retreat is a magical, mystical process which feeds vitality into our relationships and all parts of our lives. It is also a chance to celebrate and honour the deep essence of who you are. On retreat you are nurtured by healthy whole foods, while you follow a daily schedule with clear guided processes to help you examine what is most important in your lives. This inner life enquiry is grounded in body centered practices with Qigong, meridian stretching, time outside in nature and Yoga Nidra for connecting to our Heart-mind and body wisdom. Facilitated sharing enhances the individual healing process, it makes visible the wisdom of the group mind which helps integrate your insights. This unique blend of experience is a powerful way to open up to your inner magnificence and bring this out for all to see.”

Retreat site and accommodation options

The Manaia camp is situated on the waters edge of the Whangarei Heads and has a range of basic bunk bedrooms on site for the budget retreater. This unique facility has been chosen for location and we are choosing to source a range of local accommodation providers to suit a variety of budgets. Early bookings are recommended due to high season demand. There is a variety of nearby holiday homes available for a group of attendees and/or family groups wanting to combine a family holiday with Yoga retreat. To book your own offsite accommodation: OR    For individual accommodation contact Sue Tucker:


What past retreaters say

What the retreat did for me was quiet my life in significant ways. Since I returned from the retreat, I have noticed that my days are often buoyed now by a greater since of peace and a larger understanding of the broad spiritual context we all live in. I have more strength I can call upon in myself. I also have more empathy for myself and for others.
— Susan Conley, Beijing July 2009
Anyone with an open mind will benefit from time with Cameron, but I would particularly recommend this retreat to those who feel like something (maybe love, maybe joy, maybe peace) is missing from their life.
— Ian Billiard, Beijing 2008 and 2009
For me the retreat was a discovery of the world from a different perspective. Cameron opens doors for new perceptions of nature, life and the universe. She not only shares much of her vast knowledge and wisdom but, most importantly, offers tools to experience it and implement it into daily life. The retreat started me off into a new phase of my life. Now, the memory of the time spent together serves as a reference, it brings me back to center and reminds me of the bigger picture.
— Stefanie, Beijing 2009
From the very beginning, Cameron and the hosts of the retreat were open, friendly and exuded warmth/energy that extinguished any anxieties that may have existed. Cameron genuinely shines from inside to out and shared her wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom in a way that was engaging, inspiring and always thought provoking. I shared the experience alongside retreaters who I grew to admire and respect and who were supportive but sensitive to the needs of others to have space and silence for personal reflection.
— Samantha Beijing 2009, Australia 2010
My day to day awareness has changed - I am more self-aware and am trying to become less judgemental & more compassionate. I have definitely become calmer and have been told by many that I have a glow that radiates inner peace, something that would not have been said about me not that long ago! I would like to thank Cameron for sharing her knowledge and teachings and for giving me the inspiration to plant my seeds and grow
— Alison Beijing retreats, 2007, 2008, 2009
Cameron shows us that we all exist on a spectrum. It is one thing to know who we are and what we’re capable of doing now, but another to awaken the potential of what we can become. This ability to help awaken one’s own potential is the true gift of a good teacher, and Cameron is one of the rare, real teachers
— Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Co-founder and Co-Director, Yoga Yard, Beijing