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YOU BEING YOU is an online home with courses designed to help people connect to the true nature of themselves, others and life.

The group includes leaders in the fields of Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Neuroscience, Psychology, Western medicine, Qigong and Yoga. See members biographies.

In our world today, rampant disconnect, confusion, stress, chaos, and burnout states are common for many people. This has been accepted as a normal part of life and yet is far from our natural state of being.

At the same time many are awakening to different ways of being which encourage connection, openness and sharing. YOU BEING YOU offers everyday people easy access to traditional wisdom teachings, current scientific findings and body centred practices for self-healing, learning, connecting and sharing with friends and family.


by Cameron Tukapua and Louise Cashin   

I'm excited to announce after a long labour .. a couple of false starts and a name change this course is now LIVE  ... join us for this combination of spiritual self-identity teachings, guided reflection and restorative Yoga - 7 clear steps to deeply nourish your inside Self.