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Online courses

YOU BEING YOU is an online home with courses designed to help people connect to the true nature of themselves, others and life.

The group includes leaders in the fields of Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Neuroscience, Psychology, Western medicine, Qigong and Yoga. See members biographies.

In our world today, rampant disconnect, confusion, stress, chaos, and burnout states are common for many people. This has been accepted as a normal part of life and yet is far from our natural state of being.

At the same time many are awakening to different ways of being which encourage connection, openness and sharing. YOU BEING YOU offers language and frameworks for understanding our spiritual identity as part of nature. It offers everyday people easy access to traditional wisdom teachings, current scientific findings and body centred practices for self-healing, learning, connecting and sharing with friends and family.

Our newest course MANAGING MADNESS interestingly aligns with current discussions in the New Zealand media around the serious challenges of escalating mental illness. This series is designed to encourage conversation and a fresh approach to the mental health challenges. We introduce anxiety as a quest for purpose and meaning, and the barometer of larger problem of generalised disconnection and spiritual deprivation. 

MANAGING MADNESS is a free online resource. Enrol now and discover simple tools which can help yourself and others find balance ! The intention of the series is to offer simple holistic ways to think about madness. We introduce body centred practices and mental frameworks to help steer and calm the mind. Our aim is to empower the people directly affected and the secondary carers of those touched by mental illness e.g. family members, teachers, community supporters and other health carers to share and spread simple ways to support ourselves and others get grounded.