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YOU BEING YOU is an online home offering education designed to help people connect to the true nature of themselves, others and life itself.

The group includes leaders in the fields of Chinese medicine, Neuroscience, Psychology, Western medicine, Qigong and Yoga.

In our world today, rampant disconnect, confusion, stress, chaos, and burnout states are common for many people. This has been accepted as a normal part of life and yet is far from our natural state of being.

At the same time many people around the world are awakening to different ways of being which encourage connection, collaboration, openness and sharing. YOU BEING YOU offerings include face to face gatherings, retreats, short courses and online resources. We provide you with easy access to ancient wisdom, holistic medicine world views, current medical science discoveries and body centred practices for healing, balancing and transforming your life in ways that serve your latent potentials. Learn, Connect, Heal and Share

NOURISHING ROOTS - The Power of Yin designed by Cameron Tukapua with Yoga by Louise Cashin

Introducing Nourishing Roots - a seven step wellbeing pathway offering: an exploration into our spiritual life identity, a prescription for self care, practical ways to nourish ourselves according to our unique constitution, keys to unlocking resting potentials.

“The Nourishing Roots online course is inspiring, thought provoking and it’s been like getting a map I didn’t know I wanted”…see more testimonial page - Mother aged 30  

“Through the “Nourishing Roots - Power of Yin” retreat my personal and professional life changed in a very positive way.

As a doctor I had to do a lot of self reflection which is part of the curriculum of becoming a doctor in the Netherlands. Since we know that we can communicate and connect better with people/patients if we understand our own contribution to the interaction or conversation…”  See more on testimonial page this website