Everybody on this earth is a unique and special individual and nowhere else replicated. The aim of these individual sessions is to help people anchor in their true nature. When we are aligned with the core of who we are, it gives us the courage to be our true self, to stand up and shine in our lives.

Most people know deep down what they need for themselves. That knowing can be buried in the stresses of life and an over thinking mind. The first step in these sessions is clearing the mind and opening the Heart. Once the energy system is freed up that inner knowing can gradually awaken. Connecting to innate wisdom happens naturally when we regulate the body's self-balancing mechanisms and give them the freedom to do their job. Initially that may involve an expert, after time many people can do this for themselves. 

“I have had the honour and good fortune to have received healing treatment from Cameron Tukapua for almost a decade. Like any authentic healer, her knowledge has a depth and breadth that addresses the complexity of the human condition. Underlying this knowledge is the absolute commitment to being present for her clients, a presence which is of itself the basis for deep healing.” Donna Farhi, author of Bringing Yoga to Life - the Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living.



The process & healing methods:

1. Consultation - clearing and resolving blocks to re-establish free flowing energy 

2. Connecting ~ aligning constitutional potentials to blend with incoming acquired energy  

3. Transforming - creating space and connections  supporting You to BE YOU

Methods vary and include acupuncture, sound healing, story telling, reframing, NLP, Tarot readings, astrology, flower essences, dietary review and movement practices suitable for your body. Sessions may include life coaching - looking at where you have been, where you would like to be, and how to transform what’s blocking you in your life. For mostly healthy people, 3 sessions is often enough to begin the process of aligning Head and Heart to whole being balance. For people with chronic imbalances that initial clearing may take 6-10 sessions and may be best approached through an individual retreat. 


Over recent years I have enjoyed partnering individuals on more in-depth healing journeys, based on a whole of life review. These intensive healing sessions are particularly helpful for individuals going through major life transitions e.g. after relationship break-up, extreme mental-emotional stress. Today is not uncommon for people to have "breakdowns" like a car having a head-on collision. If you are experiencing a burnout, an investment in a major repair job can be a wise choice for the long road ahead. 

Major turning points in our lives eg moving home, shifting cities, changes in relationships/health/finances usually indicate a new phase of life trying to come through. At these thresholds we are being asked to let go of the old, to make room for the new. There can also be some threshing which is NOT comfortable but necessary ! Facilitated mindfully our significant life transitions can lead to transformation for all levels of our lives. Refresh and Reset. 

Taking the concept of retreat, we tailor make an experience designed to suit you as an individual. These mini-retreats can be from three days to seven days. Individual retreat packages are available for Whangarei Heads and can be designed to suit your individual needs.



“Cameron’s approach was completely new to me, and although I have been coached and trained by some of the worlds best, she offered a remarkable new perspective that immediately produced results for me. Cameron clearly has intuition, experience and a great deal of heart, in deep and equal measure. The space for listening that she opened in our sessions, and has delivered into my life and work, has been transformative and effective.” — Gavin Presman, Leadership trainer, London 2013

In this busy world, Cameron brings a true sense of calm. She tunes your body and spirit and helps you attune to vital truths about life. She instinctively knows the right questions to ask, encourages you to open up, lets energies - long blocked - to flow. In 2014 I attended her “Aligning Your Head with Your Heart” retreat and enjoyed the benefits of separate acupuncture and yoga nidra sessions as well as life discussions. The whole experience was transformational for my life. She guided me to reset my course in a positive direction. As a professional in the high pressure legal field, she helped empower me with a strong sense of self, of fulfilling my true potential. Cameron is a genuine healer and life guide – I highly recommend her. AB, Asia 2015

Despite huge growth in my yoga journey, years of counseling and my logical understanding of how old hurts were affecting me, I was still stuck. The sessions with Cameron opened me up physically, emotionally and mentally and the PHYSICAL sensation of release was extraordinary. I now feel much calmer, which is very apparent to my family and friends, my demeanour has changed and I have became softer.
— Kerry - Yoga teacher, Melbourne

Who for? 

People who want to feel free in their body, vital with energy and calm in the mind. People who would like to awaken to their spiritual identity as part of an interconnected energy system which is all the time seeking wholeness.  

Yogis and other soul seekers looking for guidance, optimum performance and/or practical support for living creative lives - approaching life from present time forward, to live the life of your dreams.

People affected by emotional/mental/physical fractures i.e. unable to move on after significant life challenge,  e.g. death of a loved one, emotional-mental crisis,  post-operative recovery.

Whangarei Healing Studio: Level One 7/69 Bank St, Whangarei 0110