Everybody on this earth is a unique and special individual and nowhere else replicated. The aim of these individual sessions is to help people anchor in their true nature. When we are aligned with the core of who we are, it gives us the courage to be our true self, to stand up and shine in our lives.

Most people know deep down what they need for themselves. That knowing can be buried in the stresses of life and an over thinking mind. The first step in these sessions is clearing the mind and opening the Heart. Once the energy system is freed up that inner knowing can gradually awaken. Connecting to innate wisdom happens naturally when we regulate the body's self-balancing mechanisms and give them the freedom to do their job. Initially that may involve an expert, after time many people can do this for themselves. 

“Since I got the first acupuncture treatment from Cameron my life has changed and I have transformed completely. Across four years I have received 2-3 treatments every few months. The most fascinating thing about it, is that I had all of this potentials already in me, and Cameron’s treatment has helped me to get access to my inner self and who I am. ”

— DR X, BEIJING, 2013

The process & healing methods

1. Consultation - clearing and resolving blocks to re-establish free flowing energy 

2. Connecting - aligning constitutional potentials to blend with incoming acquired energy  

3. Transforming - creating space and connections  supporting You to BE YOU

Methods vary and include acupuncture, sound healing, story telling, reframing, NLP, Tarot readings, astrology, flower essences, dietary review and movement practices suitable for your body. 

Sessions may include life coaching - looking at where you have been, where you would like to be, and how to transform what’s blocking you in your life.

For mostly healthy people, 3 sessions is often enough to begin the process of aligning Head and Heart to whole being balance.

For people with chronic imbalances that initial clearing may take 6-10 sessions. 

To book a session phone (+64) 027 588-5886