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Power of Yin

  • Whangarei Heads Yoga Retreat 16 Reotahi Road Whangarei Heads, Northland, 0174 New Zealand (map)

This 7 day retreat touches all levels helping us anchor into our individual nature as a unique expression of ONE universal power. In Chinese medicine that ONE power is viewed as the two complementary energies of Yin and Yang. Yin power is like the Earth; substantial, grounded and contracted. It is a receptive, magnetic feminine energy relative to Yang which is masculine, active, stimulating, and outgoing

Opening and letting go

Opening to Yin power gives us access to our deep, hidden reservoirs of energy. Letting down and letting in offers us the direct experience of original source energy. On this retreat we awaken to Yin as the feminine, gathering, harmonising, cohesive power of life itself. Using restorative Yoga, meridian based breath and movement practices we activate the nurturing, grounding Mother energy helping to balance the blood and fluid production, regulation and circulation.

Who For ?

This retreat is designed for Yoga teachers, healers and others who want takeaway teachings and practices for empowering and healing themselves and others. 

Theories of Tibetan Yoga and Chinese medicine are explored as foundation for the practices. Free time during the day is built in for contemplation, rest, time in nature and individual healing sessions. Evening talking circles support you to apply the teachings to your own life and help integrate your insights

Daily Schedule

Starts Sunday 29 October 5pm with welcome gathering followed by shared meal. 

Conclusion Sunday November 5 at 12.30pm

Monday to Saturday schedule

1 hour morning Yoga

3 hours (morning or afternoon) interactive class with Tibetan Yoga 

3 hours free time for contemplation and/or individual healing sessions

1.5 hours afternoon Yoga Nidra and/or restorative Yoga practice

1.5 hours evening talking circle

Limited to 16 participants, this retreat offers leisurely teaching time for question and answers. Book early to save your place for this once yearly special event. 

Investment: $1750

Accommodation and meals are included as part of the package. 

Bookings Contact: WHY RETREAT

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