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  • MT HUTT RETREAT 437 Hart Road Mount Hutt, Canterbury, 7782 New Zealand (map)

Spring is natures season to refresh, reset and revision our lives - a natural time for new beginnings. Join us to discover a simple prescription for w ell-being which nourishes Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Nourishing Roots is designed to touch all levels. Being able to see ourselves is the first step to being ourselves. Learning to relax in our body naturally steadies and centres the mind. From this quieter place we can connect with what’s most important to us and consciously steer our lives in more fortunate directions. 



In the Nourishing Our Roots journey we explore seven steps: Step 1 We look at Life as a journey emerging from the roots of our Source essence, Step 2 We look at how source essence is embodied in the deep Reservoirs, Step 3 we explore how to enliven our lives through activating Free-Flow, Step 4 We tune into how to build strength through full bodied Presence, Step 5 We look at ways to be grounded in the Earth Step 6 We examine how to nourish and Mother ourselves and our homes, Step 7 We contemplate how to Open Up let go to let come to be partners of the Universe.

Nourishing Our Roots is a path to healing - about letting go to let come. You will be guided into the enjoyment of opening to deep rest and finding how strength that emerges with softening, yielding and surrendering as a way of being.

TESTIMONIAL from 'Power of Yin' participant - now named 'Nourishing Roots' 

"I met Cameron back in July 2017 as I was in a one of those beautifully challenging times in life … mid-life working out what I want … kids, the current relationship I was in, family relationships, the job that was zapping me and general life questions that come up for us all! 

I had been on a journey of focused self-discovery specifically in the last few years on so many levels – emotional, mental, spiritual. So I felt very grateful and blessed. Then a recommendation from a friend, to see Cameron helped me catapult even further on my journey on a quicker and clearer track. Cameron’s 1 on 1 sessions were very moving for me each time and they consisted of talking, remedies, acupunture, tarot readings and more talking! I also attended her Power of Yin retreat and the You Beautiful You retreat . Both were so powerful for me, but very particularly the Power of Yin. I learnt and experienced so much and even more once I left the retreat.

Cameron’s conversations, energy, vibrancy and wisdom not only helped me work out these questions (and I will continue to do so) but also the tools to stand up, speak up, create my story and connection with self, others and the universe.I will continue to reach out to Cameron for her wonderful personality, energy, wisdom and support as I continue on my never-ending learning and growing journey. I would certainly recommend you to do so to."

Rose Hewitt, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant.

Nourishing roots Mt hutt