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NOURISHING ROOTS - Mt Hutt retreat

Nourishing Roots introduces a 7 step journey exploring where we come from, how to engage our constitutional strengths and nourish the true essence of ourselves and others. Join our group and enjoy the strength and power of the Southern Alps behind us in this magical location.

On this Nourishing Roots Retreat we combine Qigong, Restorative Yoga and Feldenkrais movement practices with spiritual self-identity teachings from Chinese medicine to balance the body-mind as one whole system. The course design offers a clear structured healing/learning pathway with practices to embody the theory and help rebalance the body-mind. This retreat offers you a take home prescription for physical-mental-spiritual well-being.

Daily schedule: Morning Qigong practices to strengthen and vitalise internal body organs, interactive learning and sharing study sessions. Afternoon: Restorative Yoga and Feldenkrais movement practices and time in nature for guided self-reflection. Evening: Talking circles to integrate the days learnings and tap into the wisdom of the group mind.

The Nourishing Roots teachings and Restorative Yoga practices, which include the benefits and contraindications, are online as the source material for this prescription for well-being. The Roots program is suitable for beginners and experienced teachers and practitioners. The restorative practices are simple, effective and easy to teach and share. This course offers professional level training in whole of life wellbeing.

Venue: Mt Hutt Retreat , 437 Hart Rd, Pudding Hill, Mid Canterbury

Retreat fee; including accommodation and food

Early Bird fees by 30 October $475

Snoozing Bird fee after 14 October $525