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BEING IN FLOW RETREAT - Mt Hutt  Tibetan Yoga & Chinese Medicine


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BEING IN FLOW RETREAT - Mt Hutt Tibetan Yoga & Chinese Medicine

Our bodies are made up of earth and water which combine through the transforming functions of our internal organs. Our organs make energy and distribute it through our circulatory pathway which flow like rivers around the body. Being in Flow is supported by regulating the meridians - the body’s energy pathways - which infuse life force into the organs, blood, fluids and body tissues. These dynamic circulatory pathways are formed as deep channels and more superficial flows which enliven and connect all the body organs, tissues and parts. When we are’ in flow’ our ability to be mindful of ourselves and others increases a thousandfold.

Being in flow with our lives is nurtured by harmonising these nourishing, self-balancing flows. When our body is relaxed and free-flowing with energy, the regulation of our emotions, thoughts and attitudes to life maintain a lightness of being. From this place we can effortlessly adjust to the everyday shifts and changes of life.

On this three day retreat we explore how the body-mind exists as layers of energy. Using Tibetan Yoga practices we practice balancing the energies of our physical body, emotions and mind. Exploring Chinese medical and Tibetan Yoga foundations and practices, we connect directly to the energy body. You will take home a series of rejuvenating practices to support you to cultivate life long well-being. All levels welcome, beginners +

Venue: Mt Hutt Retreat , 437 Hart Rd, Pudding Hill, Mid Canterbury

Retreat fee; including accommodation and food

Early Bird fees by 14 September $675

Snoozing Bird fee after 14 September $775