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ALIGNING HEAD & HEART - Christchurch

  • Flow Hot Yoga 25 Mandeville Street Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011 New Zealand (map)

This workshop is offered in two parts. Part One is a two hour introduction Sat 1 - 3pm including Chinese medical views on Heart functions, roles in relationships to ourselves and others. It explore the Hearts whole sphere of influence, with Qigong practices for opening and clearing meridian/energy pathways.

Part Two on Sunday 11 - 2.30 pm is a 3.5 hour session focussing more on calming the active mind, and grounding and clearing perverse Qi through Qigong practices. In this session we explore how to connect our Heart and minds to maintain heart centred awareness in our everyday lives. Where possible best to take part one and two together for a fuller richer experience, you can share with others.

The ABC of mental well-being includes understanding the role of the Heart and how to train the everyday thinking mind. When we understand how the Heart connects us to ourselves and others, we have the keys to growing healthy Heart relationships. Enjoying genuine connection to ourselves and others is the best feeling in the world and yet few of us have guidelines for how to consciously cultivate our own happiness.

In todays worlds more and more of us are affected by mental distress. A big part the challenge of mental illness is we don't know how to support ourselves and others with mental problems. In these sessions we discuss the heart's role in managing our appropriate response to life, and what can happen when the Head and Heart are disconnected.

WHO FOR ? Practitioners, leaders, carers and those who seek to become the sovereign ruler of their lives. Claim your power as co-creator of your life and relationships by engaging life through present time forward.

“Both in my day-to-day work as well as through friends and family, it is increasingly clear that there is a mental health crisis—particularly in our young people. It seems almost the norm now for adolescents to be anxious. I absolutely applaud Cameron for her mission to make wellbeing accessible for all. Cameron has the loveliest open and engaging style—she lives and breathes what it is to be authentic and content and I loved this introduction to thinking about health from a holistic perspective.”

Feedback from May 2019 Heart gathering participant Dr Michelle McCarthy - clinical Psychologist

Explore how our Hearts are the link between the worlds and how to stay heart connected - introduce what modern Science says about the Power of the Heart and the importance of aligning g head and Heart. Practice Qigong for realigning energy pathways, to balance the heart and mind and clear excessive stress and tension from the body.

Take away simple tools for supporting yourself to live a more authentic life, practice being in the present and attuning to the knowing that lives inside you.

Earlier Event: 29 June
Later Event: 8 September