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At Heart we know how to tell the truth to ourselves and others and align with our true strength and power. In this session we explore how to connect with our inner power, what it means to be overpowered and how to rebalance ourselves when we are OFF our centre line.

We will practice attuning to our instinctive knowing through physically connecting with the our Heart space. Science tells us the electro-magnetic field of the Heart is 60 times stronger than the brain. Imagine if we were able to sense and feel our way through life through the knowing sensor of the Heart…WOW !

in this session we explore how to tap into the courage of the Heart by engaging the core of our true nature. We look at how to recognise full and half heartedness, and use this as a navigating system which can take us home to true self.

Teachings include a blend of Chinese medical and indigenous wisdom teachings, Medical Qigong, Tibetan Yoga and interactive sharing.