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THE POWER OF YIN  - Weekend, Mt Hutt, South Island, New Zealand


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THE POWER OF YIN - Weekend, Mt Hutt, South Island, New Zealand

  • Mt Hutt Station Mt Hutt New Zealand (map)

Click Here to Register for Mt Hutt Station, March 23-25.

Weekend Retreat - a healing path to share

The Power of Yin is an exploration of feminine power as it expresses through our inner life and energy. Like the subtle pull of the moon, Yin energy is receptive, magnetic and potent by its quality of being. In contrast, Yang, like the sun is an active, doing, outgoing masculine energy.

Generally people do not have sufficient language for expressing what we feel and sense inside, even though our instinctual wisdom is all the time attempting to guide us in our lives.In this weekend workshop we look at how we were formed and shaped throughout our lives by a combination of inherited influences and daily choices.

You will be shown how to recognise Yin as an invisible hidden power, something to tap into and awaken through conscious intent. Yin power is a feminine power which is awakening across the world right now and in this interactive learning weekend you will engage with others using teachings which can help you awaken your feminine power through conscious intent. You will be invited to take part in guided meditations and restorative Yoga practices designed to access your deeper knowing and body intelligence. 

Restorative Yoga Learning to fill our Yin reservoirs through restorative Yoga practices, will naturally contribute to nourishing our collective potency as women. As we refresh our true energy we can gather the power we need to flow with our larger life possibilities. When the volume of Yin is strong in our bodies, like a river full of water, the propelling action of the current can more easily transform blocks on our path to nourish the unfolding of our destiny.

Lou Warren - Yoga teacher for Power of Yin

Lou will be guiding participants into the embodied experience of Yin Power. Lou is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, yoga teacher and therapist with over 25 years’ experience practising an integrative, holistic medicine. She brings a calm, gentle, empathic approach to supporting others’ life journeys and her work centres around helping her clients connect to themselves, their own inner knowing and the profound wisdom of the body

Seven Steps

In the Power of Yin journey we introduce seven steps to help us engage feminine power. Step 1 We look at Life as a journey emerging from the Source essence, step 2 embodied in the deep Reservoirs, step 3 enlivened by the power of Flow, step 4 revealed through the strength of Presence, step 5 grounded in the Earth step 6 nourished by how we Mother ourselves and hold sacred space at home, step 7 partnered by ‘Great Mystery’

The Power of Yin is a path to healing - about letting go to let come. You will be guided into the enjoyment of opening to deep rest and finding how strength that emerges with softening, yielding and surrendering as a way of being.


For me the retreat was a discovery of the world from a different perspective. Cameron opens doors for new perceptions of nature, life and the universe. She not only shares much of her vast knowledge and wisdom but, most importantly, offers tools to experience it and implement it into daily life. The retreat started me off into a new phase of my life. Now, the memory of the time spent together serves as a reference, it brings me back to center and reminds me of the bigger picture.

– Stefanie, Beijing 2009

FEE: Group of 4 people $1100 ie $275 each, 2 people $700 -$350 each, single $390 each includes tuition and meals. Bunk Style accommodation included no linen ie supply your own


Enquiries Phone Karen Palmer 027 333-0712

Lou Warren 

Lou Warren