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Braided Womens Gathering - Staveley

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The Power of Yin is an exploration of feminine power as it expresses through our inner life and energy. Like the subtle pull of the moon Yin energy is receptive, magnetic and potent by its quality of being. In contrast, Yang, like the sun is an active, doing, outgoing masculine energy. 

Many of us do not have language for what we feel and sense inside, even though our instinctual wisdom is all the time attempting to guide us in our lives. In this session we introduce simple wisdom teachings with body centred guided meditation to explore what’s calling you forward right now.

Tapping into our embodied knowing supports us to take wise actions in the world, a natural outcome of balanced Yin and Yang.  Filling our Yin reservoirs through nourishing our collective potency as women, can help us restore our energy and gather the power we need to flow with our larger life possibilities. When the volume of Yin is strong, like a river full of water, the propelling action of the currentcan naturally transform blocks on our path to nourish the unfolding of our destiny.                                                                      

Revealing a life of purpose and meaning and showing up to what life is offering, is a day by day step by step journey - there is no magic door ! Opening to the receptive power of Yin prepares us to welcome the inspiration of the unseen and call it into being.

In this Power of Yin session we introduce seven steps to help us engage feminine power. We look at Life as a journey emerging from the Source essence, embodied in the deep Reservoirs, enlivened by the power of Flow, revealed through the strength of Presence, grounded through how we Mother ourselves, held sacred in our Homes and partnered by the Great Mystery.

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Earlier Event: 30 October
Power of Yin