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Leading With Heart - Queenstown

This retreat focuses on the archetypal framework of the Four Fold Way by Dr Angeles Arrien PHD (1940 - 2014)

The four fold way grew out of Angeles Arrien's research of perennial wisdom teachings i.e. what the ancients knew They are a synthesis of her lifetime studies of indigenous peoples and shared ways of being. In ancient cultures the awareness of a spiritual dimension is central to their worldview. This mystical perception of our world invites us to see life as a mystery, something to be revealed rather than solved. Living the mystery of life, we are not heading for an end point, rather we are engaging with the journey step by step. 

In the FFW the way to access life as part of an interconnected energy system is to engage the awareness of each of the four archetypes. The four ways are: Showing Up and Choosing to be Present - the way of the Warrior. Paying attention to what has Heart and Meaning - the way of the Healer, Be Open, not Attached to Outcome - the way of the Teacher, and Tell the Truth without Blame or Judgment - the way of the Visionary.

Living the FFW we are encouraged to give our attention to the now moment, as this is where the power to create life anew exists. When we let go of focus on end points, we start to engage with the living energy current of life in the present - here is the power to co-create our lives, relationships and all experience. As we learn to focus the collective attention, by opening to the guidance of the mystery at work in our lives, we can facilitate a collective shaping of the future.