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Free-Flow the Jing Luo

Professional development training - Practitioners with TCM knowledge only

NZ $130 - book via email: camerontukapua@gmail or TEXT 027 588-5886

In Chinese medicine health is defined as the ability to adapt to change. Flowing and transforming with our changes is the essence of a fulfilling life. Many people present in clinics with liver Qi stagnation and Kidney deficiencies. To access true qi first we must uplift and free flow the Jing Luo. Irregular lifestyles, poor diet, emotional stress and overwhelm by life’s happenings, are common in today’s fast changing world. 

This workshop has two main ingredients. The first is “hands-on” and includes checking and clearing blocks to treatment and balancing left right meridian flows. We will use muscle testing, akabane testing and superficial needling to check and clear blocks to healing. The second ingredient introduces Kum Nye - Tibetan movement practices for opening connections between Zang Fu and Jing Luo.

Free-flowing the Jing Luo is central to general health and well-being for both ourselves as practitioners and the people we help. The workshop focus is on moving the energies to help clear and resolve stagnation in the channels and introduce simple practices for helping others help themselves.

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Later Event: 31 August
Sing, Satsang, Move and Groove