The mind thinks a word which becomes an image and we make meaning from these images.

When we look outside at a beautiful scene we upload beauty into our being … but only if our mind is still enough to be right where we are here and now.

If we are running a back story which suggests we are NOT that beauty…ie we are not good enough, perfect enough, pretty enough, smart enough we can miss the beauty that surrounds our lives.

The way to change dual tape thinking i.e being here and thinking about something else, is to slow down the nervous system and give your attention to whats happening in your immediate environment..

Living in the present moment is the GREAT teaching of many spiritual traditions.

If you need a teacher watch kids and people who work and live in nature. IN these people you see how this way of being is natural to us all. If we’ve lost this natural way we have become disconnected. The solution is reconnection. Enjoying Day 2 of my third retreat for 2019 - experiencing the simple potency of learning, connecting sharing and healing - a new healing model following old ways of Being.

Cameron TukapuaComment