Wow what a week … so much change . I had my last days in my two fixed clinics in Whangarei and Auckland. Clearly this is freeing me for a future of more ‘life on the road’

Lee Cooper- project partner in the Wellbeing roadshows - and I have been organising our future NZ Roadshows. Our first one together is next weekend 8 September in Gisborne. It feels important to have Lees voice to open this gathering as representative of the indigenous people of this land. Kia Ora Lee.

The September 8 “Aligning Head and Heart” event now has 13 people signed up to join us. In NZ - Gisborne is the first place to receive the light of the rising sun … it’s an auspicious place for us to launch the unique blend of our healing offerings which include elements from: Maori, Chinese medicine, Qigong, Yoga and Neuroscience teachings.

Twenty years I started an acupuncture College in Christchurch and this is how it began. First the vision. Then clarifying the vision WHY are we doing this ? Missing education on wellbeing and spiritual - mental health WHO FOR ? People who are waking up to new possibilities for their lives and healing. People who want another angle on the mental health conversation. HOW ? Public events bringing people together to model how to access our instinctive wisdom with some reference points and take home practices to engage wellbeing for all levels. WHAT IF ? More people in the community had the ABC of mental wellbeing and were able to share it around with friends and whanau. IMAGINE THAT !!! .

Watch this space :)

Cameron TukapuaComment