Super inspired by Rachel Hunter “Beauty of Soul” talk today here in Whangarei where she starts her nation-wide tour … check it out :) Rachel spoke about her spiritual journey of life and learnings with stories of her lineage and personal discoveries. I was touched by many of her shares. Rachel spoke of how self acceptance is so important … how we need to be kind to ourselves and each other. We also need to “be fierce” which was the takeaway message for me. Rachel spoke of the importance of breaking free of the samskaras ( the karmic patters) which are a bit like stains on our clothes … we can see these through our negative patterns which show up again and again in our behaviours.

Loved this way of thinking about being fierce while making change, and upgrading our ways of being. Rachel suggests we stop doing what our mothers and grandmothers did. We can choose now as the time to stop those patterns and simply change them. This resonated deeply for me and I’m choosing to stop holding back.

From now forward I’m going to lean even deeper into my calling to stand up and share what I know about mental well-being and invite others to join me … as I see it we need creative solutions to this worldwide challenge and it starts with healing conversation about connecting to the truth of who we are and what has meaning for us. Sadly many people have no access to that kind of education and yet we all KNOW deep down what we need for ourselves … it’s instinctive, we just need to wake up ! Its time to be fierce !

Did you know ? The only thing a lion is scared of is a lioness !

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