It’s two years ago today since I nearly killed myself (accidentally) and Im super grateful to be walking and ALIVE ! It’s been a testing two years and I’ve been asking the really tough questions “What am I doing with my life ? “ If I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness tomorrow would I be doing what I’m doing now ? the answer happily is … YES !

WE all have a destiny and I feel strongly called to stand up and share what I know about mental well-being. The Roots course has now had many outings with groups from the general public, Yogis and various health care professionals. To my delight everyone responds …it’s so simple ! The mental distress affecting millions of people worldwide, suggest we need a thinking upgrade and this is our contribution to that conversation. Come back to basics people ! Most of us can still help our own… don’t be scared … get educated !

I invite YOU to join us and share this healing conversation … some things happening in our world are a bit nutty now and yet the solutions are simple … help us help many !

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