Just scanning through my site and forgot all about blog ! Personally and professionally the last 12 months has been focussing on Nourishing Roots both my own deep energy, and the online teaching series designed as a prescription for well-being. Being literally stripped to the bone helped me to explore the power of these teachings firsthand !

Nourishing our roots and staying grounded through this time of rapid social, political, technological and geological upheaval is essential. We are in a collective threshold of change which is touching all levels ... stirring the depths. We are all being threshed ... time to separate the rubbish from what's real ! Years ago people would go through a radical change in their lives, while others around them were relatively stable and able to offer support. TODAY many people are being rattled ... the random chaos in our global village is touching us all.

What I know from years of practice is that most people don't have language for their own depths but they do have strong feelings. To me the generalised anxiety in the world today, at a deeper level is really a quest for a meaning ... what's really going on here ? When we see the outer world is disarray it challenges us to assess our inner worlds. As I see it one gift from this time is for us to recognise that no external authority is going to manage our world ... ultimately it's up to us ! We choose and co-create our reality and at any time we can turn our lives around. 

For me the call is to offer some maps for looking at who we are , where are in our journeys and HOW to consciously steer ourselves in our lives. The You being You creations are all about that offering teachings, practices and tools for self empowerment and prescriptions for well-being.

Whats your call ? what are the things you dream about ? long for ? What are you always talking about/thinking about ? It doesn't matter if the HOW of what you are being called to doesn't make sense ... all you need is to take one tiny step towards your deepest yearnings and the way will gradually open up. Try it and see :)