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Cameron's Blog

Kia Ora to new visitors

Cameron Tukapua

Welcome to this page you can see not much blogging lately ... that's because theres A LOT happening on the site ! Please visit and join our Managing Madness series. Help us to help many...


January 30, 2017. I went to local beach for a body surf, seeing the waves were HUGE and dumping on the shore, I realised best I don't go out.  Couldn't resist a tiny short splash ... just to get wet and refresh myself !

A MOMENT OF MADNESS ... looked behind me ... powerful wave surging to meet me ... paddled hard to catch it ... up on the wave ... soaring for a second ... promptly upended ... hammer head dive onto the sandbank ... CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH !!! next thing ... slapping around like a fish on the shoreline ... OW OW OW !!!

Staggered up the beach ...  gasping on the shore ... found by a psychiatrist !!! Interesting conversations while waiting for helicopter ride to local hospital ... X-rays - fractured Neck, Spine, sternum ... week in hospital ... 3 months mostly resting and breathing at home ...

A time to ponder ...What do I need to do before I die? ... Managing Madness ... a beginning step :)