Following your dreams

When we have recurring dreams - (daydreams or night dreams) - it is always a sign our spirit is reaching for us. For many years I've been feeling a call to encourage a global healing conversation about how to be whole. It has seemed at times like this was a bit nuts ! A task that was just too big. Now it seems like it is happening naturally. As I completed the filming of the next 2 online courses - our group suddenly expanded to include a new teacher Bali based. Now the global healing conversation is expanding- spirit is helping - that is for sure ! 

To follow your dream take Step One : Listen to the Call

What are you being asked to do ? What is clear ? What is clearly NO ?

Identify these things and take the next smallest step e.g. have a conversation, write a list, pay attention to where life is saying STOP and where it's GO. Be willing to surrender to something larger than yourself...there is a plan and you are in it !