Ancient traditions have always revered life as an interconnected energy system. You and the universe are small and large versions of the same one energy. The animating force of all of life flows through you. It's a big idea - worthy of deep contemplation and life time questioning. You are the universe, and the universe is you. The same energy that makes the buds burst open in spring and the sun shine in summer, powers the beat of your heart and the movement of your blood. You contain everything you need to grow and thrive in your life. You are an expression of the divine, perfect, whole and complete in every way.

As you go about your day look for the divine in all that you see - the smile of a child, the freshness of a spring flower, and the perfect beauty of a sunrise and sunset. As you lay down at night, reflect on how YOU are also perfect, whole and complete - right now today. Breathe that idea into your body and uptake the expansive feelings that go with this thought. Partner the Universe who is giving, kind and all to her abundant energy.


Cameron TukapuaComment