Each of us live in a world that is external and visible, and in an inner world which is mostly invisible. Connecting our inner and outer worlds is one of the main quests of the healing path. As we uncover more of hidden parts of ourselves and what's important to us, it supports us to bring our true Self forward in life. 

What is missing from mainstream education is the language of energy and how to connect the unseen worlds. Despite the fact a lot of our lives is lived on the inside of who we are ... for the most part we don't have language to connect with our hidden realms of thoughts and feelings. Language is what we use to communicate with ourselves and others. It is the conductor of our thoughts, words, conversations and stories. 

Learning to view ourselves as part of ONE interconnected energy system is supremely empowering. It help us to see our place in the universe and connect our inner and outer worlds. Knowing that life is constantly transforming, we can welcome our changes as the playground of energy. Opening up to this energy helps us to gather the many blessings life delivers. Being aware of life as energy helps us to recognise the everyday magic of life, which appears when we are open, curious and engaged.


Cameron TukapuaComment