Recently I discovered 2015 has been nominated as the international year of Light by UNESCO. It's a time for new technologies which help us see the light. Here in New Zealand, nature glorified the light with day after day of magnificent golden toned colours and perfect summer weather.  

As the year dawned,  for me - the presence of the divine and a sense of new beginnings was highly palpable. I felt like I was being carried by a huge wave of creative energy which downloaded one morning as basic guidelines for living life as energy. Across time that seed of creative fire has been gradually synthesised into documents, short videos and course descriptors. Recently this morphed into action plans, involving friends and colleagues who are contributing to what is designed as an online creation called YOU BEING YOU

What I've learned from this time is that when dreams are ready to land as reality, there are steps and stages involved. Patience may be required. For years I've dreamed of creating a map for the journey of spirit in action. YOU BEING YOU is the result - it is an offering which helps us respond to the call for living larger lives. NOW the time is ripe to fulfil that dream and  I sense there are many ready for this conversation. Learning to travel through life as co-creators of our destinies is something we don't learn at school and yet as science and the popular Mindfulness movement is evidencing  - Life is an interactive energy experience. The world will always be as we see it - change our worldview and we change our world ! Look for what's working in your life, learn to follow and increase your energy, and more of what your really want will come towards you.

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