Last week my voice gradually disappeared over a couple of days. Interestingly at the same time I was being connected to cluster of a medical professionals who all work with complementary medicine. I felt comfortably embraced by these people and healed by the quiet acceptance that comes with the allowing of vulnerability.

Accepting and allowing all of our deeply fragile human nature opens our Hearts in ways beyond measure. In the deep Heart space of our true nature we are Ok with our imperfections and perceived weaknesses. When we let go into the greatness of our souls we can grow beyond these contracted states to reveal our pure, free and true nature. Feeling less than perfect, a bit separate and different from others are states many of us visit. The trick is to try not to stay there too long, to come back out into life and play it as a game. 

Vulnerability is a more and more talked about subject in mainstream media and music programs like American Idol. People are actually requesting that others show their vulnerability as a path to connection and sharing of their deeper self. The ultimate connection we are all seeking is to touch Hearts - for this is where our love dwells. When we are touched in the Heart we are moved to act , to stand up, to cry, to speak to acknowledge, to feel at levels beyond the skin. In the Heart space we know we all feel wounded at times, we also know we each belong, and that each of us is special and unique.

Befriending our vulnerability is a special gift to ourselves and others. It makes room for the EVERYTHING nature of life which asks us to experience the whole spectrum. To all the sensitives in the world I salute your courage and bravery - I invite you to see that when the mainstream is encouraging real feelings as natural we are in the shift of paradigm from the unreal to the real ! Popular society is ready for the seeding of language and frameworks which helps people identify with the oneness of life. These shared understandings can help us embrace deeper connections with ourselves and others to reawaken the joy and purity of being that exists in the Heart of us all.