One of the gifts of vulnerability is that it invites an opening into deeper levels of ourselves. We see, show and experience more of who we are when we are willing to be vulnerable. Like little babies we are all delicate, fragile souls at Heart and the world can feel harsh for all of us at different times. Experiencing our vulnerability is a path to compassion for others, ourselves and the world as one. Everybody with a big heart has had it broken and opened a few times... it's part of the process ! We all fall down, make mistakes get up and keep going. 

Over the past weekend I watched a wonderful film called I AM by Tom Shadyac. Tom shared his personal story (which form my perspective included) opening to deeper levels of life after a cycling accident, which left him with chronic concussion and associated depression. After months of reflecting he came to realise he wanted to ask some questions about what's wrong with the world and in the process he discovered what's right ! He interviewed wise men and women around the world to share their world views. 

It was heartening to hear this collective of great minds talk about how all living creatures are wired to cooperate and harmonise with others. It showed how acts of goodness lead to emotions which make us want to connect with others. It talked about how serving others leads to deep contentment. In the stories the Dalai Lama was quoted as expressing the importance of discerning what your world is and figuring out where your talents lie. He said observe what makes your heart sing and then do more of that in your life. The Heart Math institute people were interviewed and this link which I love to share explains the science of how and why the Heart connection is key.