The fifth and final stage of the Hero's Journey is the the Return - see previous 4 blogs for context.

After gathering the understandings gleaned from the search, struggle and breakthrough we come back to our old lives with something new. During this phase it is important we take time to reflect on our experiences and gather the fruit as the harvest of our experiences. This supports us to embrace and integrate our learnings while updating our perspectives on our lives as a whole. The search and struggle shows us the territory of our learning. It highlights the areas of of our life that need our attention. The breakthrough offers a new perspective - like opening a window in our minds. This different vantage point invites us to refresh our seeing of what can seem the same and old. We don't always have to abandon our old lives to advance on the path, although this can be tempting ! Refreshing our focus helps us to appreciate what is working in our lives, and enables us to see our lives in more expanded ways. 

The spiritual journey is one of inner change which may or may not be visible to others in the outer world. The main point is that as we evolve we will feel different on the inside, more at a ease, happier and lighter in our way of being. Some of our biggest transformations occur in response to something profoundly simple. At a certain moment we hear something which many people have said before only at that moment we really get it on all levels. The breakthrough moments are very precious and can appear in response to months and years of questing and enquiry. After the breakthrough, the return phase is an invitation to gift back what we have been given.

The giving back is about occupying our new state as fully as we can. At this point we still go to work, do the dishes, wash the clothes and look after the kids. What has changed is our inside feeling and the knowing that a larger sense of who we are is always there guiding us. This part of ourselves knows that we are perfect and whole, divine and pure. It stays connected to what is good and true and beautiful in life. This is the part that calls to us again and again as a steady reminder that every single one of us has something special to offer. We are all individual unique and special and our lives are a blessing. As we come fully forward with our gifts we complete creation.

Pay attention to what is repeatedly calling you ... this is you quest. Take your time. Do things step by step. Breathe and be mindful of the task right before you. Give your full attention and listening to the person who is speaking with you.  Aim to enjoy the day and the journey...slow down enjoy the views :)


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