"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say in reality"                        Martin Luther King

Fifty years on this we week we paused to honour the man who led the civil rights movement in America. He was quoted as saying "Love is stronger than any other force" and  passive non-violent resistance was his approach to leading change. (If you would like to know about this then see the movie Selma). What wows me about this man's achievements is that he moved what was the equivalent of a mountain. His lifetime quest helped to shift stuck perceptions, and change laws and behaviours that would affect generations - past and future. His challenge must have seemed like an insurmountable quest and yet like all big journeys he was travelling step by step.

Martin Luther King's strength seemed to be founded on pure faith in what is good and true and beautiful. As his life demonstrates believing that a better and fairer life is possible, can be powerfully transformative. Facing into our big life challenges can seem tough and yet many of our major conflicts are resolved by finding solutions with people we know well. A lot of us avoid making changes when what we seek seems too far away. At these times it's helpful to remember that step by step is the only way people ever achieve change in situations that aren't working. If there is some action that you in your heart of hearts know you need to take ...then start today. All change begins with a tiny the step in the right direction. Aligning with your heart path grows your courage and day by day we can grow stronger by rooting down into what is true.