The third phase of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey (see last 2 weeks blog) is the struggle. When we're searching for the "something is missing" and we don't know exactly what it is ... finding it can be very challenging ! 

When we struggle we get clear 'No, not that ... Yes - it's this' Going down a few wrong lanes helps us to get clearer about where we are going and HOW we are travelling. The whole 'it's the journey not the destination that counts' comes into play when we are struggling. After a while our struggling makes it clear - let go of this one, or keep going you are on the right track !

A genuine gift of struggling is that these times help us see when we've been 'shoulding' on ourselves. The things we think we should do can be past their use by dates. The simple solution at these times is to let them go. Other times the struggling is a test of character 'How much do you really want this ?' Getting past our own resistance to the effort required to ground some of the things we are seeking, challenges many of us. At these times a prayer, asking for a sign, an extra Yoga or Qigong practice, another length of the pool, half an hour of dance, playing music, a visit to the movie theatre, talk to an inspiring friend - any of these things can help shift our state and move us into free-flow.

In Yoga there is the concept of non-doership. When you are in flow then life gets behind you, lifts you up and the shakti does the work. We often think we are making things happen and yet there alway forces at work that we can't see. Surrendering to that knowing helps, especially during the times things don't make any sense. If you doing something which benefits everyone and the timing is right the energy will be there for you. Open to the shakti ... invite it in ... let it partner you in your journey. Be patient.

Cameron TukapuaComment