Following on from last weeks blog after the call comes the search. From a Chinese medical perspective it is the soul that beckons to us - it is the call to a larger life - the soul knows what we need. That knowing has to compute at the level of the body and so our search is the practical earthly enquiry. The modern day search is played out for some people as trips to sacred sites, exotic faraway places, yoga class retreats, spiritual groups and festivals. Others take visits to healers/teachers psychic readers, priests, spiritual advisors, shamans and elders. 

The search is quite simply a quest for meaning. Connecting to a life of purpose enlivens our lives, it engages the Heart and mind and strengthens the body. Sometimes the search is for a specific meaning e.g. solution to a known problem and sometimes it's the full monty ... an agonising cry ! "Whats it all about?" 

What I've come to understand and know is that Mum, Joseph Campbell and the bible are all right... "Seek and ye shall find"  Take your time and know that sometimes you will be walking in the's  part of the journey. Feel the way... let go... let God.

Cameron TukapuaComment