In indigenous cultures 3 worlds are recognised - the upper, middle and lower worlds. The upper is the spirit world and is reflected in our hopes, dreams, thoughts and imaginings. It is also the home of our ancestor spirits and those who have passed over. The lower world is Mother Earth and the form world of nature. In between is the middle world where we as humans exist to bridge the realms of the seen and unseen.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell used the story of the Hero's Journey to describe the spiritual journey to wholeness. He refers to five stages of the journey and the first is "the call" which can come to us in our thoughts, imaginings, day dreams and night dreams. The call is the voice of spirit which expresses as the often quiet yet consistent reminder to stay connected to what is most important. We are all the time being prompted by spirit to listen to our larger sense of knowing. Learning to listen to that knowing is a practice which like everything else becomes natural with practice ! If you are relatively banced what you may find is that your best guide and teacher lives right inside you. 

What keeps showing up in your thoughts, dreams and imaginings?                                              What is it that you keep thinking about ?                                                                                      What is the voice that won't go away and what is it trying to tell you ?  

Cameron TukapuaComment