Kindness is a natural expression of our true nature. It is a practice which honours our essential, pure and divine Self and invites closer more genuine loving relationships. Kindness towards ourselves and others can dissolve self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, hatred and shame. It creates an atmosphere of inclusion and welcome by conveying respect and compassion.

The dictionary definitions of the word kind include; class or group having characteristics in common, essential nature or character, nature; the natural order, having a friendly nature, helpful to others, considerate or humane. These literal meanings of kindness express life’s interconnections and the existence of a natural order. Kindness is a communication style which reconnects us to our original nature and common points of unity. This powerful, simple, everyday practice is one of the easiest ways to express love in action.

Start with yourself. At the beginning and end of each day reflect on how to be gentle with your sensitive soul. As you go about your day be aware that everyone you meet shares the same essential nature as yourself. Extend kindness towards yourself and others and watch your life transform.


Cameron TukapuaComment