Aligning with our destiny is an active process which is breath by breath and day by day. Every one of us is on a unique journey, and connecting with our true path in life takes time. As we learn to really listen to ourselves, we discover that living our destined path is about opening up to the deep truth of who we are and what is genuinely important to us. It is our Hearts which recognise truth and meaning. When we hear, see or experience something which brings us into a sense of aliveness we know the heart is engaged. When we are inspired by life we feel uplifted and energised. A simple way of following the heart is to do more of what we love. *This guideline applies if what we love is natural and is not overtaking someone else's will !

When the heart is engaged we then look to the head - the conscious thinking mind - which is like the manager of our lives! The managing thinking mind can support the longing of the heart with clarity, focus and intent. Setting intentions for how we want to live guides the thinking mind. Intention helps to harness the infinitely creative power of our thoughts. When our thoughts are organised we can then move towards plans and actions.

The journey is a step-by-step, day-by-day experience, and the starting point is always NOW. There’s no short cut or magic door labelled, “My Perfect Destiny”. To grow in life aim to make the best of the day you’re in and be present for yourself and others. Attend to your life by learning from what keeps showing up around you. If you keep attracting the same kind of lessons then pay closer attention to what you need to learn. Extend the arms of love to yourself and others. Practice being kind, express your gratitude, show respect and honour for yourself and others. See others through the eyes of what we have in common, above what makes us different. Support yourself by being true to who you are, keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep walking! 



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