This week we are approaching Chinese New Year, another opportunity for a new beginning ! At this time millions of people throughout Asia are cleansing their homes and spaces. Great attention is placed on clearing away the old in preparation for welcoming the new. Letting go to let come is a dynamic way of energising change in our lives. 

What is it that you would like to let go ? e.g. an old relationship, old habit, a negative tendency     What would you like to welcome ? new relationship, self belief, practice of regular meditation

If you are not sure take out a piece of paper and brainstorm. Use one side for what you want to let go of and one side for what you would like to welcome. Let your pen write without censorship and allow it all to flow out. When your thoughts dry up take a look at what you have written and notice what has the most energy for you, what thoughts have the most charge of energy?  Take these clarifying words to frame first what you are releasing e.g. "I am letting of ....the tendency to hold back and be invisible" Write this down once for the purpose of being clear of what you want to release. Now that you know what you don't want shift your attention to what you do want. 

Look at what would like to welcome in your life and create and write down an affirmation framed in the present time to describe what you want to manifest e.g.  "I am welcoming confidence, clarity and order in my life" Now check in with your body does the wording bring you onto a sense of aliveness ? If not play with the words until you arrive at something which brings a feeling of aliveness. Use this affirmation to play in your mind. Let your thoughts return to this affirmation naturally. Play the affirmation to uplift yourself like you would play some lovely music.

Reprogramming your thoughts is a powerful time-tested way for welcoming new life.



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