Unique Destiny

Being connected to the energy of life itself, the Heart Spirit knows exactly what we need to fulfil our unique destiny. Each of us is special and unique with gifts, character qualities and potential offerings to life that no-one else on this planet can duplicate. Aligning with the Heart spirit attunes us to right speech, actions and responses to whatever life delivers. As our Heart spirit rules our mental functions and perceptions, it governs our ability to respond appropriately to the environment within and around us. When our Hearts are calm, clear and settled we can respond to the call of our larger sense of Self and ground our aspirations into doable plans with practical steps and actions.

BE NOW…Contemplate your special characteristics
Think about what other people have affirmed about who you are, how you look, and how they have appreciated your presence in their lives. Make a list of your special qualities (even if others also have these qualities-it’s OK to share!) If there are any special abilities you have such as good with your hands, with words, musical abilities, practical skills write these down. Connect with yourself as being whole and perfect, right now. Recognise there’s always going to a need to polish ourselves up and work on the rough edges…that’s why we are here.That task is ongoing and so is the practice of lifting ourselves up to a larger sense of Self.