The Power of the Universe

Living with an awareness of a larger sense of our Self opens us up to the power of the Universe. Through meditation and practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong we discover ourselves as a physical-emotional-mental vehicle, connected to the energy of life itself. Eastern philosophies and indigenous traditions point to the idea of life as a unified field of energy. In Chinese philosophy, this all-encompassing oneness energy is known as the Tao. Indigenous Americans call it the Great Mystery and in Maori culture, it is called Io. In Yogic traditions, this energy is often referred to as the Self of Supreme Consciousness. All traditions agree that this energy is difficult to describe and understand with the mind, as it something we must learn to feel and experience through the heart. Ultimately these different world views all help us to see that our individual lives exist as part of a unified whole.
BE NOW…Contemplate
Take a moment to consider that you are part of a whole energy system. Somewhere in your life is a thread of order connected to the unified field of life itself. Consider for a moment that you are a living expression of the power of the Universe. You may like to close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath…notice how your breath is the link between your internal and external worlds. Be aware that the simple act of conscious breathing engages you to life as energy. Take some time every day to sit quietly and breathe, as you sit hold the thought “I am part of a unified whole.” Know there IS a plan and YOU are in it!