The Heart Spirit

In Chinese philosophy, our personal link to unity consciousness is the ‘Heart spirit’. The Heart spirit rules our overall awareness, it is part of Supreme Consciousness in the same way that a drop of seawater can be viewed as part of the ocean, separate, yet connected. Our individual Heart spirit, which is non-physical, is called the Supreme Ruler of our lives as it controls our individual mind, including our awareness of ourselves, each other and the surrounding inner and outer environments.
BE NOW…Notice your immediate surrounding environment
Look around you right now and notice how your environment is affecting you. If you are inside notice the visual impact of what you see and how it affects your feelings of ease, comfort, relaxation, stimulation, inspiration…If you are outside, notice the feeling of the air around you, the smells, the sights and how these affect your overall feeling of well-being. Note how when your external world is informed by a sense of order, harmony beauty, it impacts how you feel inside. Take time each day to do what you can to create outer world harmony. If your are affected by disharmony in your home/office/workplace e.g. if it is messy - order it! If you are not currently taking advantage of the everyday generosity of Mother nature’s capacity to uplift and inspire, find a way to reconnect with natural beauty.