Supreme Consciousness

The Heart is recognised as both the entry point and the home of universal energy, which is also called supreme consciousness. This Supreme Consciousness can be experienced as a quiet presence within and around us, observing everything we do and have done in our lives. It is like a silent, non-judgmental witness to life itself. Though different traditions have different names for this oneness energy, all refer to it as the background presence of our world. It unifies all experience, which is why we sometimes say “Ask the Universe” when seeking an answer to life’s questions. Understanding the Universe is a big challenge, and yet, when the thinking mind drops away, we sense there is presence which exists at the heart of all being. Learning to be present in our lives helps us to establish a stronger connection to this unified field of energy.
BE NOW… Be Present
To be present for yourself and others start now! Pay attention to the task/person/activity right in front of you right now. Identify your priority for this moment, and the next 20 minutes. Check how your priority connects with the rest of your day. While you may prefer to just sit and have a cup of tea right now, your worldy responsibilities may require you to complete some actions first. Whatever it is that you are doing, bring your attention fully to that focus. Recognise that single tasking is the way to steady your focus, and calm your mind. Every day make a practice of giving your attention to single tasking.