Xmas Love

Tis the season to be merry and awaken to the love within and around us. Love is the most powerful energy of all. It is the ultimate healer, unifier and expression of the divine. When we extend our love we bring to life the greatest of all gifts and blessings. Receiving love we complete the cycle of creation as our uplifted Hearts bring grace to life. Contemplate what you have to be grateful for and let go of anything you may feel is missing … to be sure ... to everything there is a season.

Lavish your love on those around you. Give generously and receive graciously. Laugh out loud and find reasons to be grateful and feel into joy … the world is a beautiful place and we are all very very blessed to be here. Right now all around the world people are coming together with those they love to celebrate and share....this uplifted way of Being is a way we can choose to live ALL the time.

Ho ho ho … la la la la la … la la la la…

Cameron TukapuaComment