Surprise !

The Universe moves in mysterious ways and every day presents us with new possibilities. Stay open to surprise it is spirit in action...sometimes a delight, sometimes less so at the time. Unexpected surprises can be wake up calls so best to pay attention. Sometimes they come to re-route us and encourage a new direction. The creator/great spirit/Goddess/mystery has a plan we can't always see. At times for a while we may be walking in the dark and that's patient. Timing is everything and time is a great revealer. 

Children welcome surprise...they are closely connected to the wonder and magic of life. They stay engaged with what actually IS happening ... engaged fully in the moment. As adults we can be preoccupied by thoughts of what was, and what is coming next, which creates separation.  A surprise can gift us directly into now time awareness. Note the surprises in your day and week...welcome them as a gift and a blessing. Give space for their offerings let go ...let God.

Cameron TukapuaComment